10 Examples of Big Brand Names Utilising WordPress

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding WordPress is that it is simply a blogging platform or a budget alternative for small business owners and quick popup websites. To a layperson, ‘Open Source’ usually means the product is free and the assumption is that you get little to no support from an official team. Now, however, there are plenty of agencies, individual developers and forums backing WordPress, which means there is no shortage of accessible online support.

Usually such misconceptions are what individuals have heard from others rather than what they have actually found themselves. Here at Digital Mad we have heard it all, and to bust this myth we have created the following post featuring 10 notable brand names who have proudly adopted the WordPress content management system on their own websites:


1. MTV News

MTV News

MTV is undoubtedly one of the biggest entertainment channels in the world. It is therefore worth mentioning that they have fully adopted the WordPress content management system for their own website which features various artists, music, celebrities, TV shows and even live TV streaming! This is a great example of one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry proudly showcasing the power of WordPress.


2. Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney

Everybody has heard of Disney, and the Walt Disney Company itself is a mass media entertainment conglomerate based at Walt Disney Studios in California. The Walt Disney Company have built their website in WordPress to showcase events, careers, volunteering opportunities, the latest news, business developments and corporate relations. The website features a traditional navigation layout at the top of the page for accessibility as well as a full width header background. The design is clean and uses plenty of white space for easy reading.


3. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz is a globally recognised automotive company. The brand is well known for its luxury cars and the lorries we see on the road every day. The Mercedes-Benz website is powered by WordPress and showcases the latest cars, a buyer’s guide, an owner’s area, and a special feature to book your Mercedes in for a service. The design uses a full width carousel at the top of the page to promote special offers and custom features built in for live chat support, locating retailers and booking test drives!


4. Sony Music

Sony Music

Sony is one of the biggest names in the technology, electronics and entertainment industry. The Sony Music website uses a custom theme and has been proudly built on WordPress to showcase popular artists, record labels and various Sony Music national companies. The Sony Music WordPress website represents artists such as Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake and even global pop superstar Michael Jackson!


5. Marks & Spencer Corporate Gifts

M&S Corporate Gifts

Marks & Spencer plc is a major British multinational retailer that is well known for its high-end supermarkets, luxury foods and Christmas promotions. Marks & Spencer’s business website has been built on WordPress to help promote corporate gifts for clients and customers. The website design features a very traditional 960 container that works on a responsive grid to smoothly adapt and display on mobile and tablet devices.


6. Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Technology giant Microsoft utilise WordPress on their own website and clearly see it as far more than just a blogging tool, taking advantage of its functionality as an enterprise-ready content management and app development platform too. Brian Messenlehner is the mastermind behind the migration of another 10 Microsoft websites over to WordPress – checkout the article Microsoft Goes Big on WordPress for more information.


7. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

You just don’t get much cooler than Snoop Dogg and now even the smooth international rap superstar himself backs WordPress. This custom theme uses striking colours with some really fancy overlay and scrolling effects. Snoop’s website features upcoming tours, videos, music streaming, photos and products for sale.


8. BBC America

BBC America

BBC America is a digital cable and satellite television network in the United States which is jointly owned by BBC Worldwide and AMC Networks. The BBC America website is powered by WordPress and provides an easy way for fans to get caught up in BBC America shows. This includes full episode viewing offers and instant access to BBC America shows such as Top Gear, Doctor Who and The Last Kingdom.


9. The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are one of England’s biggest rock ‘n’ roll bands. These globally recognised superstars are inductees at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alongside Al Green, Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton and many more. The Rolling Stones website is managed entirely by the WordPress content management system. The custom theme showcases exhibitions, upcoming tours and tickets, music streaming, and media galleries for fans.


10. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Did you or do you still play Angry Birds? This very popular video game franchise led to many spin-offs, heaps of merchandise, and even an animated television series. The game had two billion downloads across all platforms, making it the most downloaded freemium game series of all time. The developers behind Angry Birds utilised the power of Open Source to build their website on WordPress, sporting a design that is colourful and responsive and features both video and sound. The website won a CSS design award and features animations, characters, game downloads and a fully integrated ecommerce solution for online shopping.

Let’s bust the myths

Did you know that WordPress now powers 27.5% of the Internet? However, not everyone is familiar with the wide-range of functionality that WordPress can offer. WordPress is a great fit for all manner of sites, even at the enterprise level. So next time you hear that WordPress is just for blogs, or that Open Source has no support, then why not share this post to help debunk the common myths. If you need assistance creating your own custom WordPress theme call 01202 901 607 or email us to discuss your project with an expert WordPress developer now.

Colin N

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